Thursday, May 15, 2008

Warning Signs of Disaster

Many people believe that animals can sense disaster or calamity beforethey strike. They exhibit odd behavior like these frogs.

On May 5th, many Chinese locals noticed thousands of frogs on the move. They were seen traveling without fear of traffic as they crossed streets in mass floods.

Many Chinese sensed the migration as a bad omen of a coming natural disaster, but the Chinese government told them that it was just a natural migration for the purpose of propagation. This calmed the people and no one took the omen very seriously.

On Monday, 12th of May, at about 2:45pm, central China region recorded a 7.8-magnitude quake which occured near Wenchuan County, Sichuan province, that killed nearly tens of thousands of people.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robot City

How do you want to see the future like in the movie AI where robots are manufactured en masse and disposed as they become obsolete and no longer useful. And the boy is so lifelike that he also developed feelings like humans.

The South Korean government plans to build two robot-themed parks close to Seoul—one in the bustling seaport of Incheon and another in Masan—by the year 2013.

The megaproject—the first of its kind on the planet—is estimated to cost a whopping $1.6 billion, and will feature an array of robotic marvels allowing visitors to interact with tomorrow's machines.

According to reports published on the web site, the two cities are being developed as futuristic hubs, poised to become the country's Silicon Valley of robotics.

To ensure that the robotics sector continues to see such growth rates, recently, the government drew up what is known as the Robot Ethics Code—a code of ethics that will prevent android abuse by humans as well as the other way round.

It's basically a how-to manual for both robot-makers and robot-users that tells them how to relate to robots.